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A speech can paint a lasting memory!

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It's all about YOU!

But check out this awesome picture of ME!

If you have a wedding, birthday, or anniversary speech to give, I wanna help you shine in your own unique, humorous and meaningful way. For me, writing a speech is like panning for gold; sifting through the thoughts and memories, and letting the 'gold' organically take shape. I'm keen to work/play with you and help craft a FUN speech people will remember! x 

Millen Baird

"I don't really like public speaking, so I asked Millen if he'd write me a 50th b'day speech...he helped me infuse my speech with love and a tonne of humour, that perfectly encapsulated what I wanted to say."

Hayley Baird


"I had to perform a eulogy for my dead Aunty Jane, but I was freaking out, a) because I'd NEVER done one, and b) because I wanted it to be as funny as my Aunty was. I sent Millen a bunch of notes, and together, I think we nailed it!"

Janeen Williams


"You had put a huge amount of preparation into it, capturing the unique personality of the airline business. Your passion and enthusiasm, exemplified some of the core values we celebrate here at Air NZ."

Ralph Norris


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